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Harry F. Atwood Speeches

This book reproduces nine of Harry Atwood’s speeches from the years 1905 to 1921 which address many issues that are still with us today. We cannot hear the passion of his delivery, or feel the magnetism of his personality, but reading his books and speeches gives us a sense of the man and his ideas, and reminds us that often the best solution to any problem is found through education and information.

Tales of Mystery and Truth

This collection of seven tales, sprung from the novel The Beggars of Azure, features crocodile men, books that don’t exist, portals through time, living paintings, and, of course, love. Some of the tales feature characters or detail events from the novel. Some of these tales are tangential to the mood and themes in the novel. All of them testify to the fact that reality answers to no one.

The Secret Marriage Vows

How far can a husband and wife stray before their marriage breaks?

Tim and Michele are trying to cope with the death of their child. Michele indulges a fun-loving nature to forget her pain; Tim dwells on memories to keep his grief alive. Her behavior is mistaken for indifference, his for obsession. A demanding job and friendly coworker leads to Michele’s physical distance; a former love leads to Tim’s emotional distance. Soon, issues with everything from trust to finances are cropping up. Every attempt Tim and Michele make to mend their unraveling marriage somehow fails, and the rift between them deepens. Though they both want to salvage what was once a fantastic relationship, is a permanent break inevitable?

Safeguarding American Ideals

A new expanded edition of the 1921 original that describes the twelve keys to American foundational and functional exceptionalism, exploring the reasons behind each ideal; identifying the threats against each and the consequences of forsaking each; and setting forth a prescription for achieving each. These American ideals are the time-tested truths upon which the nation had been built, had prospered, and must stand if it would survive.

The Triumphs

Edward and Janelle parted ten years ago. Edward since married, but when Janelle returns, he finds a tiny flame of devotion still burns in his heart. Will Janelle be temptation or salvation? This novella is a loose adaptation of Francesco Petrarch’s “I Trionfi”.

Columbia, and Other Essays

An eclectic collection of reviews, biographies, and literary columns. The titular essay is a new, previously unpublished examination of Columbia, the mythic lady who personified America at its founding, and who still may have a role to play today.

The Beggars of Azure

There are plausible answers to every mystery, but reality answers to no one.

In an incredible bookstore called The Beggars of Azure, a reader can find every book ever written—and a list of books that have never been written. But in The Beggars of Azure, what you find is less important than what finds you.

The Last Courtesan

The Last Courtesan details the unbridled reality of the demimondaine Claudie de Rochambeau, whose life of notoriety is based on a multitude of fabricated pasts. She spreads a plague of illusions through turn-of-the-century Paris. With the reappearance of her sometimes fictional, sometimes factual biography, she regains her title as Princess of Love. She destroys the lives of many, enslaves others, and focuses on an eager young seamstress in her quest for an heir.

The Last Decadent: A Novel Of Paris

The Last Decadent casts an aggressive eye on the darkness which engulfs Paris, the refuge of all scorned artists, as the glories of La Belle Époque disintegrate into plagues of liberalism, neuroticism, and anarchy. Painter and photographer, husband and lover, creator and destroyer—Alexandre Guilbert’s need for identity without personality inspires the outrage of proper society, and he cannot survive his own freedom. But will he leave a legacy, despite all efforts to the contrary?

Keep God in American History

A new expanded edition of the original 1919 collection of quotes that remind us the blessings given to each person by God were guaranteed, for the first time in human history, by the founding Fathers and documents of the United States of America.

Poems for Patriots

In the early years of American history, poetry was a popular form of patriotic expression. Featured in this collection are Katharine Lee Bates, John Dickinson, Lydia Maria Child, Edward Thomas Harden, and twenty-five others whose plain words communicated great passion. Today, these nearly forgotten poems and songs serve not only to celebrate the nation’s greatness, but also to re-engage us in the duties to our country, to remind us of the responsibilities to our children, and to honor the sacrifices made by our forefathers. They are sure to make one’s heart pound with gratitude, and encourage one’s own heroic deeds and virtuous actions.

Constitution of the United States, Bill of Rights, Amendments

“Every good citizen, capable of reading and understanding its meaning, is bound by duty to his country, if in his power, to possess a copy of the Constitution.”

The words of William Hickey are as true today as they were in 1847. We wanted to do our part to make sure every American citizen possesses and reads the founding document of the United States. What could be easier than a FREE digital book?

This edition of the Constitution includes the Bill of Rights and the further Amendments. What it doesn't include is commentary or interpretation, so that one is able to read and understand the meaning for oneself.

The men whose names are signed at the bottom of the Constitution are recorded merely as witness to its establishment. The Constitution is truly authored by We the People, as stated from the beginning. It is our document, by which we grant elected representatives certain limited duties and powers. When those representatives take an oath, it is not to the country, to Congress, or to their constituents—it is to uphold and defend the Constitution.

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